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A Great Summer !

This summer was a flurry of activity with our groups on the go all summer long. The beautifull weather certainly made a much more enjoyable time for all.

Here are some of the activities we were involved in:

Ukrainian Village, Street Performers in Edmonton, The Train Museum in Namao. Prairie Gardens in Bon Accord, Jurassic Forest in Gibbons, The St Albert Botanical Gardens, with the big trip being the Calgary Zoo. On quieter days swimming, movies, scavenger hunts and picnics were the hightlights. They also managed to have a two week camping trip to our cabin and week end trips to Elk Island National Park.

The summer ended with an annual barbeque and photo contest:)

I think everyone will be happy to get back into a regular routine this fall.

Pictures are still coming in so keep watch for them to appear in our Photo Gallery.

Through out the years we have been very lucky to have had long term staff but there comes a time the staff need to say good bye one of those staff did so this spring after 29 years it was time to retire we wish her well and hope she continues to drop in for visits. 

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