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The right to acceptance as a unique and valuable person.

  • That people take notice of the great ways I’m different than they are
  • That I can spend time with people my own age if I want to

The right to be treated with dignity and respect.

  • People use manners when they are talking to me
  • People tell me the truth even if I won’t like it
  • People talk to me like I am an adult

The right to self-determination

  • I can say “NO” if I want to
  • I can make decisions about all things in my life

The right to experience the dignity of risk.

  • Trying things I’ve never tried before
  • Looking into different things I am interested in

The right to happiness and personal fulfillment.

  • To feel useful and like what I do means something
  • To be helpful to other people if I want to
  • That people tell me if I’ve done something good or done a good job
  • To be the type of person I want to be not what someone else wants me to be

The right to protection from exploitation, manipulation and abuse.

  • Having shelter (a home)
  • Training in how to protect myself and be safe
  • Not being put on display for other people to look at
  • Being allowed to do the same things as everyone else
  • For people to tell me that what I do makes a difference

The right to privacy.

  • People knock before they come into my room or space and ask to do so.
  • People don’t talk about me to others
  • If I need help with personal care the door is closed so my roommates can’t see

The right to education and habilitation.

  • To learn new things if I want to as much as I want to
  • To get training on new things if I want to learn them

The freedom to develop and express individualities and potentials.

  • Finding out about new things I’m interested in
  • To have people tell me how my differences are important

The freedom to participate in and contribute to any aspect of society.

  • To decide what parts of my community I want to take part in if any
  • To decide how much I want to take part

The freedom to seek and receive help and guidance.

  • To be able to get help just like anyone else if I need it
  • To have the same amount of choices as everyone else

The freedom to establish significant and lasting relationships.

  • To spend time with whoever I want
  • To feel good about sharing my life and caring about other people
  • To have more people in my life if I feel happy about how my relationships are going
  • To be accepted for who I am

The freedom to assume responsibilities.

  • That people expect things from me that I can do
  • That I can explain the choices I make and why I made them
  • That I feel like a stronger person when I make my own choices

The right to make a complaint or disagree.

  • To tell someone if I don’t agree with them
  • To be heard by people who support me if I have a problem
  • To choose not to do something if I don’t agree with it or like it
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