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Who We Are                                                                                     Why Us?

Lamoureux Support Services has been in operation ​in the Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta area since 1968. The purpose of LSS is to provide and promote, in a structured family-like setting, those individual supports necessary for enhanced development of each individual's independence, self-esteem and happiness. Lamoureux Support Services shall be directed towards supporting individuals who are cognitively delayed and who may exhibit some mild degree of behavioural or emotional dysfunction. This attitude is fostered

LSS recognizes that each individual is a 

unique and valuable person with the right 

to be given the opportunities and supports necessary to develop their full potential 

and participate fully in their community. 

LSS ensures the safety of each individual 

through providing policies and procedures

that identify the safety and security of all individuals concerned.

through: the home-like setting, the recognition of individual's uniqueness and worth and the 

caring long-term involvement of the staff.

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